The theft process in action

The theft of your Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter can be completed with a Saws-all (seen here) in under 3 minutes. This is why welding rebar to your exhaust in not a viable solution. The soft steel merely slows down the thieves, but does not prevent any actual theft from occurring. 

these thieves are bold!

As you can see, these thieves are bold and not frightened by on lookers. Yes, this is in another country. However, we have heard very similar stories here all over the US of these cars being targeted in broad daylight. 

why the toyota prius?

This video was reported in April of 2019, before our product had become available. Now, instead of a universal cage or welding, we simply keep the thieves prying hands away from your entire catalytic converter assembly. 

Gone in 60 seconds...literally

This does not appear do be a Toyota Prius, but this is why we will be expanding out product line to fit more models. 

How do cats work?

If you are interested in learning why our cars all have these catalytic converters and how they work, watch this video.

See through catalytic converter

This video experiment does a great job at giving us a visualization of what the catalytic converter actually does when the engine is running. 

catalytic converter precious metals

This video goes in depth about the metal extraction process from catalytic converters. One of the main reasons that the prius cats get stolen is because of their extremely high content of these metals. This yields them an extremely high street value.